When using medical supplies or equipment, knowing how to operate them properly leads to effective maintenance, thereby an extension of the life span. Without adequate maintenance, the life span of these supplies will be shortened, and their effectiveness diminished. When armed with the right knowledge on how to operate them, then abuse is averted. I’ll briefly discuss some maintenance tips for extending the lives of medical supplies.

  • Use properly

When you do not know how to properly use a particular piece of equipment, you might end up damaging it. Do not assume to know how to use any medical equipment; read the manual before use. If you fail to properly set up the equipment and continue to use it improperly for a long time, it’ll be permanently damaged. There can never be too much emphasis placed on reading the manual that comes along with the machinery before you eventually use it. Most guides come with pictorial examples on how you can set them up properly and what perfectly set up equipment looks like.

  • Clean after using

This is probably one of the most neglected but easiest maintenance techniques. When cleaning complex equipment, you should take up the task of disassembling and cleaning thoroughly before coupling it back in place. This will increase the lifespan and enable it to work better. Having dirt on supposedly sterilized equipment increases the chances of recurrent infections and other health hazards.

For simple equipment, clean immediately after use with a damp towel and leave to dry out. Seeing that most supplies are made with metal, they are prone to rust, so should be cleaned with a towel as dry as possible.

  • Do not overuse

Using medical supplies way after their expiration or lifespan is more dangerous than beneficial. Not only will they be harmful to use, but they will also be unable to function as expected.

Each medical supply has a warranty of a number of years or months that should not exceed. Once they are outdated or expired, they should be put out of use and replaced with a brand new one immediately to be on the safe side.

Final thoughts

After all has been said, the ability to maintain your medical equipment requires a price you should be willing to pay. If you want to save cost and maximize your medical supply, you should apply these tips I’ve shared. They’re certainly the best.

There is absolutely no reward in misusing or overworking sensitive tools regarding your health. Always remember to disinfect before each use, no matter how much you clean. You cannot get rid of microorganisms by just cleaning with soap and water; you need to sterilize too. Most disinfectants are formulated with antimicrobial and antifungal agents to single-handedly eliminate germs in one wipe. Candid advice; if your equipment needs replacement, no matter how much you clean, it just won’t work properly. Replace old medical supplies when necessary. I sincerely hope you feel better soon!